A New Path


Over the last year, ShowSeeker has left a smaller digital footprint than normal, releasing fewer changes than our longtime users have come to expect. Behind the scenes, however, our offices were bustling with activity as we charted a course for the future of our company.

While we love what we do, we also realize that creating advertising proposals, especially for those new to the process, often feels tedious and overwhelming. But we at ShowSeeker believe in the power of advertising to grow and transform businesses. Therefore, after a period of reflection, we decided to expand the mission of our company, to create beautiful, simple software that streamlines the proposal and order process and creates an environment that users want to live in every day.

To that end, we are proudly introducing a new look and feel to our company and solutions. After months of vigorous debate and collaboration, we have a fresh logo that we believe encapsulates our evolving direction. The IRIS is a stylized play button outlined by three interlocking triangles that represent the foundations of our system—advertising proposal, order management and campaign reporting—while suggesting the rapid forward momentum that our latest tools bring to the process. 

Over the next few months, you will notice more changes to the company and our product offerings to help make your time with ShowSeeker more efficient. Most importantly, we are creating, for the first time, an order management system that provides a crucial bridge between proposals and fulfillment.

Several months ago, ShowSeeker conducted a user experience survey to determine where our products succeed for our customers and what innovations we need to provide going forward. We received an unprecedented number of responses, roughly three times as many as our previous efforts yielded. In a representative quote, one respondent called our platform “THE place to go for updated programming information.” While we appreciate the enthusiasm, ShowSeeker invites you to join our broader mission by continuing to provide thoughtful feedback.

With that in mind, we are adopting a new motto: “Your partner from proposal to performance.” ShowSeeker is a platform built on relationships—between designers and users, programs and advertisements, our company and yours. Wherever our motto appears, it serves as a reminder that we are creating more than tools. We are pioneering the future of advertising. Together.

AnnouncementDave Hardy