Database Admin - Remote


As a part of the Engineering team, this role participates in the design of our scalable advertising sales solutions. The Database Admin is responsible for providing new architectures and scalable data solutions to ever growing business and processing needs.



  • Lead database design and data modeling efforts

  • Review and assist developers in creating queries and stored procedures

  • Provide query and index optimizations and recommendations

  • Manage backups and recovery of all databases

  • Oversee migrations and replication efforts to cloud platforms

  • Monitor and maintain complex databases in an operational 24x7 environment

  • Perform database updates and respond to related alerts

  • Participate in strategic planning to manage required capacity



  • Bachelor's degree in IT-related field or equivalent experience

  • Experience in SQL development and database design

  • Understand MySQL or PostgreSQL tuning and optimization parameters

  • Have a solid understanding of query planning

  • Familiarity with replication techniques and disaster recovery

  • Experience with Sqitch or other migration tools

  • Working knowledge of Linux and AWS


Candidates should:

  • Demonstrate a passion for working in a fast-paced environment

  • Be self-motivated and anticipate needed tasks

  • Have a passion for writing detailed documentation

  • Enjoy collaborating with a geographically distributed team

  • Stay up-to-date with new database tools and strategies