Frequently Asked Questions

There is a reference to Pilot on this website. What is that and when will it be available?

Pilot is the name of our new platform and the preliminary roll out was completed in 2019. This system will be widely available for all of our current and new clients in 2020. From proposal building to order management, Pilot will put you in control.

You mention cross-screen planning. When will digital advertising integration happen?

We will be offering the ability to propose and order digital, native, content and other media outlets when we fully launch Pilot in mid-2020. Our approach accommodates multiple audiences and delivery systems all in one seamless process.

I currently use ShowSeeker Plus. Can I add viewership data to proposals?

We will be offering the ability to add viewership and ratings data to your proposals when we introduce Pilot to all current and new clients. ShowSeeker supports Nielsen, comScore, and set-top box data integrations.

You refer to unified proposals. How do I import files into ShowSeeker Plus?

We currently support importing spot cable files into our ShowSeeker Plus system. However, your company may not currently subscribe to this service. This functionality, as well as support for additional file types, will also be a part of Pilot.

You mention Order and Report. I don’t see those in ShowSeeker Plus?

These modules are not available in ShowSeeker Plus, but will be included as part of Pilot. Our mission is to combine the best of automation with human insights to streamline the order management process and provide insightful data.

The Package Builder sounds great. How can I gain access?

Package Builder is available to a few clients that have purchased a subscription to that service. If you would like to learn more about this product, please reach out to your leadership team or contact us to schedule a demo.

For any other questions or to talk to a member of our team