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Reimagines the advertising proposal and order process from initial search to final reporting. Flexible and intuitive, Pilot helps you navigate an increasingly complex advertising landscape, assisting sales teams in building the best campaigns and strategies for advertisers and buyers.

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Develop, present and sell the best media plans to your customers.

We locate the most relevant programming data. Creating an efficient process to provide the best media plans. We are here to help you drive advertising revenue by creating regional appeal for local audiences with high-profile opportunities.

Key Benefits
Programming data you can trust
Targeted Audience
Quick proposal creation
Add to package
Customizable Packages

Build and optimize stronger proposals.

We help your team prepare estimates, projections, and overcome objections leveraging the power of meaningful audience data. We supports Nielsen, Comscore and STB data using flexible models for each data type. Dive deep into research using Rank, Trend, Daypart Analysis or Audience Composition reports.

Key Benefits
Adaptive to industry shifts
Seamless proposal creation
Advanced forecasts
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Projected or Average Surveys

A comprehensive scheduling-planning software.

We provide media planners the ability to confidently create robust advertising schedules. By building proposals with your subscribed Nielsen or Comscore data. Capabilities include dailies and Universe estimates with advanced rate card control. Pilot reflects these rates throughout, helping ensure accuracy from proposal to billing.

Key Benefits
Superior Integration
Custom APIs
Admin with advanced permission control
Checklist icon
Multi-Line Edits

Manage order elements from creation, to approval, and fulfillment.

We provide integrate business rules that trigger automatic approvals, eliminating manual approval from managers. Custom priority codes automate the assignment of data in the Order manager to ease integration with the traffic systems. Electronic connections allow Pilot to handle revisions with the traffic systems.

Key Benefits
Automated Workflows
Historical Data for Accuracy
Advanced Order History
Calendar icon
Timestamps for Audit Reports

Manage campaign performance with real-time pacing and posting.

Track you goals while using our trusted analytics to guide, adjust and accelerate your business. Proposal goals can be integrated into pacing reports, eliminating manual data entry and discrepancies. Pull multi-order reports by salesperson, sales office, client, or agency.

Key Benefits
Reporting Flexibility
Combine Reports
Change Data Source During Evaluation
Third-Party Reporting

Streamline your process by viewing creative status and notes within an order line.

Pilot's Creative and Orders modules can be used interchangeably to create, manage, and attach creative data to your orders. Both sales and traffic teams can add and view creative notes within the order line.

Key Benefits
Advanced Integration
Multiple Ad Management
Flag Duplicate Orders
Notes icon
Ad Notes

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