Manage Every Element


The Order Entry system allows sales teams to direct all facets of an advertising order, for any product or geography, from entry to approval workflow and through fulfillment.


System Integration

Our order management software can integrate with any ad delivery system in the industry. From television traffic systems to digital ad servers, our API-based approach provides you with a seamless workflow.

These integrations give you a reliable means to manage the sales process from order entry to fulfillment.


Platform Customization

Management teams can easily establish and adjust business rules across many aspects of the system. From automating order approvals to managing exceptions, our software remains flexible to accommodate your needs.

This customization allows you to manage your inventory and gain visibility across the order process.


Order Optimization

Sales teams can easily adjust orders throughout the entire flight with our powerful Order Manager. Whether modifying dates or completely overhauling the campaign for delivery, we put you in the pilot’s seat.

Our approach means you can pivot at a moment’s notice, accommodating the shifting needs of your clients.