Gain Relevant Insights


The Reporting System provides you with post analysis of orders, research data to assist in managing current campaigns, and insights to drive future advertising schedules.


Performance Analysis

We provide robust real-time and post-campaign analysis for any order. Our system helps you monitor the delivery against the original marketing goals and manage client expectations.

Whether reviewing impressions, dollars, or spots, this data gives you actionable insights to direct your orders.


Audience Measurement

Know who you reached, where you reached them, when you reached them and how you reached them, all at the touch of a button.

Use the knowledge gained about your audience to plan and execute your future campaigns, all with insights derived from our reporting.


Campaign Improvements

From understanding the right audience to identifying the best content, the Reporting System provides insights for future proposal recommendations.

Improving new proposals limits makegoods, restricts the under-delivery of orders, and ultimately reduces advertising client churn.