We Provide Powerful Solutions

We provide innovative and flexible advertising solutions that evolve with the needs of our clients to provide maximum value to our users.

Advanced Advertising *Coming Soon

Create a fully customizable campaign with the ability to combine traditional linear and advanced all within a single Proposal and Order. This integration will be backed by a powerful product catalog.

Programming Search Engine

Quickly identify optimal advertising opportunities that yield the highest value for every campaign. Create the most effective campaigns for clients with an easy-to-use search tool with the ability to create custom packages that yield the highest value for each advertiser.

Integrated Viewership Trends & Analytics

Easily identify and evaluate viewership trends encompassing both historical and current data. Uncover the audiences, networks, and outlets that will deliver the most meaningful results.

Rate Card Engine

Customizable rate cards that maximize value for every advertising avail in any campaign. Proposals are easily generated from your programming and research selections, featuring automatic updates to rate cards.

Automated Workflows

Automated workflows streamline manual processes, delivering significant time-savings. Greatly reducing manual input errors. Seamless integration with traffic systems and other 3rd party tools.

Multi-Platform Integration

Seamless integration with multiple systems from traffic and billing to CRM, creative and more. Fully supports cross-screen advertising with customized business rules and future proofs your advertising operations.

Comprehensive Support

We provide a multitude of support options from development, to training, and client support.

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Our product team, designers and developers work side-by-side with your team to build solutions and ensure systems fit together perfectly.

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Our training experts take your team through complete end-to-end demonstration of the software, ensuring an easy onboarding.

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Client Support

Should questions or issues arise after training, our Client Support team and virtual Help Desk are ready to rapidly respond to your users

Ask about our next wave of enhancements with advanced advertising.

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